$9 24V 12W Dimmable CV DC LED Driver Transformer ETL (UL) Approved Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans 24V 12W Dimmable CV Al sold out. DC LED Approved Driver UL ETL Transformer 24V,ETL,Transformer,Driver,LED,Approved,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,(UL),12W,/leucoplakial1222155.html,CV,$9,DC,Dimmable,pays-narbequois.fr 24V,ETL,Transformer,Driver,LED,Approved,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,(UL),12W,/leucoplakial1222155.html,CV,$9,DC,Dimmable,pays-narbequois.fr 24V 12W Dimmable CV Al sold out. DC LED Approved Driver UL ETL Transformer $9 24V 12W Dimmable CV DC LED Driver Transformer ETL (UL) Approved Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans

24V 12W Dimmable CV Al sold out. DC LED Approved Max 53% OFF Driver UL ETL Transformer

24V 12W Dimmable CV DC LED Driver Transformer ETL (UL) Approved


24V 12W Dimmable CV DC LED Driver Transformer ETL (UL) Approved

Product description

Input range from 100~120V AC, 50-60Hz, Pfgt; 0.95
Magnetic Dimmable DC Output: 24V, 500mA (12W), Class 2 Power Supply
Dimmable, Suitable for Leading Edge or Trailing Edge TRIAC dimmers (See datasheet for list)
Protection: Short-Circuit / Over Current / Over Voltage and Auto-recovery Mode
Compact, lightweight plastic case.
Lamps wired in parallel
Double Isolation for Safety
Terminal Screw Connection (Input: N, L. Output: +24V, GND)
Approvals: ETL US ( UL ), CE, TUV, RoHS
-20C to +45C, full load, max case 70C, 20 to 95% RH NC
Size: 3.56" L x 1.63" W x 0.75" H (90.9mm L x 41.4mm W x 19mm H)
2 year warranty
Note: Dimming performance optimal at greater than 50% load. i.e. 13W+ for a 26W driver.
So pick the right Eversale driver, 12W, 26W or 48W
Note: Best Dimmers ZOOZ zen27 S2 dimmer ver 3.0, Lutron Diva DV-600PR, Insteon Switchlinc 2477D, GE Z-Wave Wireless 12724. Lutron LG-600H

24V 12W Dimmable CV DC LED Driver Transformer ETL (UL) Approved

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