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ANAZOZ 5% OFF His Hers Real Love Heart C Stainless Steel Ring Promise Fashionable

ANAZOZ His Hers Real Love Heart Promise Ring Stainless Steel C


ANAZOZ His Hers Real Love Heart Promise Ring Stainless Steel C

Product Description


* Nothing more than I could say: I LOVE YOU;
* I Love You is: Inject, Loyal, Observant, Valiant, Enjoyment, Yes, Obligation and Unison.

6mm His amp; Hers Real Love Heart Promise Ring Stainless Steel Couples Wedding Engagement Bands

* I LOVE YOU engraved in the ring(inside), the most Romantic and Moving words in the world; Give your promise to the one you love.
* Puzzle heart design, match perfectly into one heart; I'm waiting for you in this life, To hold your hand, To walk with you forever;
* To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish, till death do us part, according to God's holy ordinance; and there to I plight thee my troth.

I LOVE YOU Couple Wedding Rings Heart Shaped---To make it as a Ring Necklace!

* The Meaning of Ring Necklace Pendant: 1. To make a wedding ring as a ring necklace, that means You are my only love and I will never love anyone; 2.Keep your love close to your heart at all times!
* Both come with a necklace chain: New fashion and stylish wearing. No need to worry about the size problem.
* Length of chain: 60CM for His and 50CM for Her

I LOVE YOU His amp; Hers Real Love Heart Promise Ring Stainless Steel Couples Wedding Engagement Bands---Every steps to be perfect!

* From idea to design, our designer modify it thousands times.
* Each design has its own unique meaning.

* Exquisite craftsmanship to make every details perfectly.
* Made of 316l stainless steel, does not tarnish and oxidize.

* Great ideal heart promise engagement ring, wedding ring, anniversary ring to make your significant other melt with happiness!
* Come with a beautiful jewelry bag and a greeting card.

promise rings for couples promise rings for women cz wedding bands for women cz engagement rings for women couples rings for him and her set
Custom Engraved Love You Forever Always and Forever My King amp; My Queen Her King amp; His Queen

How to Get Right Size?

size for promise rings

ANAZOZ His Hers Real Love Heart Promise Ring Stainless Steel C

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