$0 Poundex Upholstered Sofas/Sectionals/Armchairs, Grey Home Kitchen Furniture Fresno Mall Poundex Upholstered Sofas Grey Armchairs Sectionals /gruffily1023535.html,Poundex,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Upholstered,Sofas/Sectionals/Armchairs,,$0,pays-narbequois.fr,Grey Fresno Mall Poundex Upholstered Sofas Grey Armchairs Sectionals $0 Poundex Upholstered Sofas/Sectionals/Armchairs, Grey Home Kitchen Furniture /gruffily1023535.html,Poundex,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Upholstered,Sofas/Sectionals/Armchairs,,$0,pays-narbequois.fr,Grey

Fresno Mall Poundex Upholstered Industry No. 1 Sofas Grey Armchairs Sectionals

Poundex Upholstered Sofas/Sectionals/Armchairs, Grey


Poundex Upholstered Sofas/Sectionals/Armchairs, Grey

Product description


Experience simplicity with this 3-piece sectional with a matching ottoman. Upholstered in a plush linen-like fabric, this sectional features cushioned pillow back and seat supports for maximum comfort and works perfect in a contemporary or classic styled living room. Available in sand, grey, teal and chocolate. Dimensions : Reversible L/R chaise 76" x 35" x 35" H ; 2-Seat sofa 70" x 35" x 35" H ; cocktail ottoman 35" x 23" x 19" H

From the manufacturer

Poundex Upholstered Sofas/Sectionals/Armchairs, Grey


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