$15 Floerns Women's Printed Bow Tied Neck Lantern Long Sleeve Workwe Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Tied,/dianilid895009.html,Lantern,$15,Long,Floerns,Printed,pays-narbequois.fr,Sleeve,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Women's,Neck,Workwe,Bow Floerns Women's Cheap Printed Bow Tied Workwe Lantern Sleeve Long Neck Tied,/dianilid895009.html,Lantern,$15,Long,Floerns,Printed,pays-narbequois.fr,Sleeve,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Women's,Neck,Workwe,Bow Floerns Women's Cheap Printed Bow Tied Workwe Lantern Sleeve Long Neck $15 Floerns Women's Printed Bow Tied Neck Lantern Long Sleeve Workwe Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Floerns Women's Cheap Printed Bow Tied Workwe Lantern Today's only Sleeve Long Neck

Floerns Women's Printed Bow Tied Neck Lantern Long Sleeve Workwe


Floerns Women's Printed Bow Tied Neck Lantern Long Sleeve Workwe

Product Description

Floerns Women's Bow Tied Neck Lantern Long Sleeve Polka Dots Blouse

Model Show

Beige amp; Black amp; Navy:

X-Small: Shoulder:21.3inch, Bust:38.2inch, Length:25.2inch, Sleeve Length:21.3inch

Small: Shoulder:21.7inch, Bust:39.8inch, Length:25.6inch, Sleeve Length:21.7inch

Medium: Shoulder:22.0inch, Bust:41.3inch, Length:26.0inch, Sleeve Length:22.0inch

Large: Shoulder:22.4inch, Bust:42.9inch, Length:26.4inch, Sleeve Length:22.4inch


X-Small: Shoulder:13.0inch, Bust:40.2inch, Length:23.6inch, Sleeve Length:24.8inch

Small: Shoulder:13.4inch, Bust:41.7inch, Length:24.0inch, Sleeve Length:25.2inch

Medium: Shoulder:13.8inch, Bust:43.3inch, Length:24.4inch, Sleeve Length:25.6inch

Large: Shoulder:14.2inch, Bust:44.9inch, Length:24.8inch, Sleeve Length:26.0inch




X-Small: Shoulder:15.0inch, Bust:36.2inch, Length:24.8inch, Sleeve Length:23.6inch

Small: Shoulder:15.4inch, Bust:37.8inch, Length:25.2inch, Sleeve Length:24.0inch

Medium: Shoulder:15.7inch, Bust:39.4inch, Length:25.6inch, Sleeve Length:24.4inch

Large: Shoulder:16.1inch, Bust:40.9inch, Length:26.0inch, Sleeve Length:24.8inch

Customer Show

buyer show

Floerns Women's Printed Bow Tied Neck Lantern Long Sleeve Workwe

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