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Daktronics Case Compatible Max 60% OFF with Galaxy Limited time trial price Shock Wallet 5G S21

Daktronics Case Compatible with Galaxy S21 5G Wallet Case, Shock


Daktronics Case Compatible with Galaxy S21 5G Wallet Case, Shock

Product description

Color:Wine Red

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Wallet Case All cases are handcrafted from premium soft environmental friendly PU leather. Four corner protection by high quality soft TPU inner skin shell.

★Card Slots amp; Money Pocket Featuring multiple slots for cards and cash. Carrying around your ID, credit and debit cards, and cash without having to take your wallet with you

★Magnetic Closure The magnetic closure secures your phone and other personal belongings in the case, no more worrying about losing your important items. [NOTE: Holding too many cards may weaken magnetic closure functionality]

★Build-in Kickstand Convenient kickstand lets you watch videos or browse the web without having to hold your phone.

★Easy to use, - User friendly design with precision cut-outs allow easy access to all buttons, camera, speakers and connector, supports for wireless charging without removing the case.

- Fashionably protect your phone without adding bulk with this stylish and simple design.

★Please Note: This wallet case is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 6.2" (2021) Please check your phone model before purchasing. If there are any non-artificial product issues about our cases, please contact us immediately.

Daktronics Case Compatible with Galaxy S21 5G Wallet Case, Shock

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