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Low price Sinjimoru Card Holder for Popular products Back of Stick Functio Phone on Wallet

Sinjimoru Card Holder for Back of Phone, Stick on Wallet Functio


Sinjimoru Card Holder for Back of Phone, Stick on Wallet Functio

From the brand

cell phone wallet for back of phone wallet stick on phone card holder
cell phone wallet for back of phone wallet stick on phone card holder
Sinjimoru, We keep things simple and smart! Sinjimoru strives to develop the best products possible to make everyday life easier and more fun.

Our story

How we got our start?
Our story began in 2008. Back then we started to sell our 'iDeck’, an iPod holder for cars, in the US and South Korea. Now we are providing much more products, including our Sinji Pouch series with various card storage pouches for smartphones which is our representative product in 9 countries
What makes our product unique?
Sinjimoru makes mobile accessories with a smart and simple design. We are committed to providing useful information and convenient service that will help consumers to enjoy our products for a long time. We ensure fun, satisfaction, and trust through our products.
Why we love what we do?
Sinjimoru strives to be a company that meets the needs of our customers and help them feel the joy of new experiences. Our mobile accessories with smart and simple design will make customers' everyday life more convenient and joyful.

Product Description

We offer Convenience: Interchangeable phone Accessories right by the hand.

The Sinji Pouch Basic 2 is a wonderful solution for a busy daily life where multi-functional accessories can come in handy! This is our adhesive Sinji Pouch Basic 2, cardholder for the back of phone amp; phone cases with an elasticated fabric pouch for cards and other gadgets.

How to use Sinji Pouch Basic 2

  cell phone card holder for back of phone wallet stick on adhesive phone wallet for iphone

Choose the best solution for you!

  cell phone card holder for back of phone wallet stick on adhesive phone wallet for iphone

Sinji Pouch 2 Basic

  cell phone card holder for back of phone wallet stick on adhesive phone wallet for iphone

Sinji Mount FLap

  cell phone card holder for back of phone wallet stick on adhesive phone wallet for iphone

Sinji Mount Z-Slot

Easy Attachment

Convert your phone into the compact wallet right away with Sinji Pouch Basic 2!

Flap Function

The Flap gives a secure phone wallet pouch where personal information is hidden.

Removable Card Holder

You can detach the wallet for wireless charging and attach it back!

Solid Adhesion

Sinji Pouch Basic 2 can be attached on the back of your phone solidly.

Removable Card Holder

You can detach the wallet for wireless charging and attach it back!

Minimalist Card Wallet

The minimal but solid single wallet that has 12 various color options!

When using my transportation card or ID card inside the Sinji Pouch, it sometimes is not recognized. Why is that so?

The transportation card or ID card often transmits or receives wireless transmissions, while electromagnetic waves from the smartphone, or the metallic material on its surface, disrupt wireless recognition.

What is the maximum number of cards for the pouch?

We usually recommend inserting 3, but it may store up to a maximum of 5.

Is there a concern of cards falling out due to stretched fabric?

The fabric used for Sinji Pouch is a highly elastic fiber that easily recovers from everyday use. Thus, there is no need to worry about cards easily falling out.

Can it still be used after removal?

We do not recommend reusing the Sinji Pouch since its adhesive tape does not support it. If you are looking for the product that can be used again, 'Card Zip Band' below can be reattached after washing it with the water.

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Product Name
Sinji Pouch Basic 2 Sinji O Grab Bal Sinji Pouch M-Flap Sinji Pouch Flap Sinji Pouch B-Grip Sinji Mount Mini Zip Sinji Pouch Band
Card Holder
Phone Grip
What's Special
Phone Card Wallet Basic Wireless Phone Charger Mount Magsafe Wallet Phone Card Holder with Flap Card Holder with Phone Stand 4 Color Options Phone Card Holder with Grip
Color Options
12 Color Options 1 Color Option 5 Color Options 12 Color Options 4 Color Options 4 Color Options 8 Color Options

Sinjimoru Card Holder for Back of Phone, Stick on Wallet Functio


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